Running is hard.

I’ll tell you something for nothing: running is hard. Really, really hard. Give me a 100 mile cycle any day of the week. I’d even take a 100 mile cycle with a headwind over running 10 miles. I’m currently in training for the London Marathon, and have been steadily building up my runs since December. … Continue reading Running is hard.

A cyclist running the London Marathon? Getta outta town…

Its official folks. I’ve actually lost it this time – I’ve done something mad. Utterly mad! In just over a months’ time I’ll be lacing up my trainers and running the London Marathon. Say whaaaaaaaat. And let me tell you, running is quite a departure from cycling. Geoffrey the Trek racer has, sadly, taken up … Continue reading A cyclist running the London Marathon? Getta outta town…

Free Triathlon Guide from Sundried

Even just thinking about taking on a triathlon is a daunting, let alone actually taking the plunge and signing up for one and actually doing the bloody thing. I should know, I've been threatening to do one for the past three years. But where to start? Three sports. One race. A hell of a lot … Continue reading Free Triathlon Guide from Sundried

The Cycling Tube Map

The London Cycle Network and Route Plan Roll have today launched something pretty clever: a cycling tube map of London. A familiar site to us Londoner's eyes, the map is in the style of the iconic London tube map. The design shows how the various superhighways, quiet routes and orbital routes connect up across the city in … Continue reading The Cycling Tube Map

Prudential Ride London – a sigh of relief

I’m almost ashamed to admit that when my Ride London ‘commiserations’ mag dropped through the letter box yesterday, I gave a huge whoop of relief. And that’s only for one reason – I’ve been mad enough to sign up to the London Marathon this year. I’m only in my first week of proper training, and … Continue reading Prudential Ride London – a sigh of relief

Cycling could be just the tonic

GPs across the UK could soon prescribe cycling lessons to those who need to become more active. Doctors in Kingston, Surrey, have been piloting the scheme with great success. So far 10 patients have been able to access free bikes, 12 weeks of professional training and group rides and gym sessions. People with diabetes, obesity, … Continue reading Cycling could be just the tonic

Smog-tastic – London breaks air pollution limit in just five days

Just five days into 2017, Brixton Road in Lambeth breached one of the EU’s annual air pollution limits. It was shortly followed by Putney High Street in Wandsworth and Brompton road in Kensington. Since then, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has issued the first ‘very high’ air pollution since he took office. Being a … Continue reading Smog-tastic – London breaks air pollution limit in just five days

2017: The year of BrittLoveRun?

Towards the end of last year, I decided to take a brief hiatus from both cycling and blogging. I didn’t make a great fuss about it and simply drifted off and left BRITTLOVEBIKE unattended and neglected. After a few nasty misses on the roads of London, I really feel out love love with cycling once … Continue reading 2017: The year of BrittLoveRun?

120 days, 10,000km, nine countries and two teens on bikes

What did you spend your gap year doing? Will and Charles are spending theirs cycling 10,000km from Beijing to Tehran to raise £25,000 for a school in Ghana.  They're also the youngest people in the world to ever attempt to cycle the Silk Road. Less people have cycled the infamous Silk Road from Beijing to Tehran than have … Continue reading 120 days, 10,000km, nine countries and two teens on bikes