The true face of running 20 miles…

When you're tryna take a sneaky running selfie, but you're caught in the act by a confused family.....  


Running is hard.

I’ll tell you something for nothing: running is hard. Really, really hard. Give me a 100 mile cycle any day of the week. I’d even take a 100 mile cycle with a headwind over running 10 miles. I’m currently in training for the London Marathon, and have been steadily building up my runs since December. … Continue reading Running is hard.

Free Triathlon Guide from Sundried

Even just thinking about taking on a triathlon is a daunting, let alone actually taking the plunge and signing up for one and actually doing the bloody thing. I should know, I've been threatening to do one for the past three years. But where to start? Three sports. One race. A hell of a lot … Continue reading Free Triathlon Guide from Sundried

2017: The year of BrittLoveRun?

Towards the end of last year, I decided to take a brief hiatus from both cycling and blogging. I didn’t make a great fuss about it and simply drifted off and left BRITTLOVEBIKE unattended and neglected. After a few nasty misses on the roads of London, I really feel out love love with cycling once … Continue reading 2017: The year of BrittLoveRun?