Free Triathlon Guide from Sundried

Even just thinking about taking on a triathlon is a daunting, let alone actually taking the plunge and signing up for one and actually doing the bloody thing. I should know, I’ve been threatening to do one for the past three years.

But where to start? Three sports. One race. A hell of a lot of training. For me, I’ve always worried about the running side. I used to swim a lot (albeit many, many moons ago), including outdoor swimming, so I’m OK with that. Clearly, this blog would be called something else if I didn’t have a huge passion for cycling… but running. Ah, running. My old foe. Running and I have never seen eye to eye, until recently that is! Training for a marathon really makes you become a big running fan, fast.

So where is the best place to start when thinking about a triathlon? Well – luckily for us triathlon wannabes, the lovely people at Sundried have launched a free Beginner’s Triathlon Guide.

Covering all the basics, from choosing your distance, to considering your fitness level, to some top training tips, Sundried have thought of everything. You can even download a printable version of the guide to tuck into your tri suit.

So – no excuse now, eh?


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