A cyclist running the London Marathon? Getta outta town…

Its official folks. I’ve actually lost it this time – I’ve done something mad. Utterly mad! In just over a months’ time I’ll be lacing up my trainers and running the London Marathon. Say whaaaaaaaat. And let me tell you, running is quite a departure from cycling. Geoffrey the Trek racer has, sadly, taken up … Continue reading A cyclist running the London Marathon? Getta outta town…


The Cycling Tube Map

The London Cycle Network and Route Plan Roll have today launched something pretty clever: a cycling tube map of London. A familiar site to us Londoner's eyes, the map is in the style of the iconic London tube map. The design shows how the various superhighways, quiet routes and orbital routes connect up across the city in … Continue reading The Cycling Tube Map

2017: The year of BrittLoveRun?

Towards the end of last year, I decided to take a brief hiatus from both cycling and blogging. I didn’t make a great fuss about it and simply drifted off and left BRITTLOVEBIKE unattended and neglected. After a few nasty misses on the roads of London, I really feel out love love with cycling once … Continue reading 2017: The year of BrittLoveRun?

Why I fell out of love with cycling to work

I have a confession. I’ve fallen out of love with riding my bike to work. I know, this will come as a shock to a lot of BrittLoveBike readers, friends, family and in particular The Boyfriend. For two years now I’ve been a staunch advocate of cycle commuting. I’ve cycled in wind, hail, thunder, monsoon, … Continue reading Why I fell out of love with cycling to work

#2015bestnine – the BrittLoveBike edition

2015 has been an absolute corker of a year for cycling. Here’s my year in numbers: 1,757 miles 276 rides 1 shoe lost under a bus 50,833 feet of elevation 56 cereal bars and flapjacks 1 absolutely unbelievably loud and fantastic cheer squad at the Ride London 155 hours and 7 minutes in the saddle … Continue reading #2015bestnine – the BrittLoveBike edition

Review: Aldi Ladies’ Cycling Rain Jacket

Firstly, lets get something clear from the start. I loved this jacket. Love, love, loved. I've long been a fan of Aldi cycling gear. I mean, who doesn't love going to do their food shop and being able to pick up thermals, sports socks and a pair of bib shorts at the same time? The ladies' … Continue reading Review: Aldi Ladies’ Cycling Rain Jacket