The Cycling Tube Map

The London Cycle Network and Route Plan Roll have today launched something pretty clever: a cycling tube map of London. A familiar site to us Londoner's eyes, the map is in the style of the iconic London tube map. The design shows how the various superhighways, quiet routes and orbital routes connect up across the city in … Continue reading The Cycling Tube Map


Cycling could be just the tonic

GPs across the UK could soon prescribe cycling lessons to those who need to become more active. Doctors in Kingston, Surrey, have been piloting the scheme with great success. So far 10 patients have been able to access free bikes, 12 weeks of professional training and group rides and gym sessions. People with diabetes, obesity, … Continue reading Cycling could be just the tonic

2017: The year of BrittLoveRun?

Towards the end of last year, I decided to take a brief hiatus from both cycling and blogging. I didn’t make a great fuss about it and simply drifted off and left BRITTLOVEBIKE unattended and neglected. After a few nasty misses on the roads of London, I really feel out love love with cycling once … Continue reading 2017: The year of BrittLoveRun?

Falling back in love with road biking

After a series of unfortunate events, I decided to take a short break from cycling with the hope that some time away from the saddle would help reset my mind and lower my stress levels.... Well, it worked. I spent a very pleasant Saturday morning cycling in the Surrey Hills in the sunshine. It was … Continue reading Falling back in love with road biking

Why I fell out of love with cycling to work

I have a confession. I’ve fallen out of love with riding my bike to work. I know, this will come as a shock to a lot of BrittLoveBike readers, friends, family and in particular The Boyfriend. For two years now I’ve been a staunch advocate of cycle commuting. I’ve cycled in wind, hail, thunder, monsoon, … Continue reading Why I fell out of love with cycling to work

The London Mayor conundrum – Sadiq Khan’s manefesto

Thursday 5 May is an important day for Londoners. It marks the end of the Boris era, and the chance to elect a new Mayor. As a cyclist who commutes almost every day, improving cycling is firmly at the top of my agenda and a main motivation for voting. I can't help notice that Sadiq Khan … Continue reading The London Mayor conundrum – Sadiq Khan’s manefesto

Competition time -Total Road Cycling

It's competition time! Total Road Cycling published by Carlton in March 2016, £19.99, is everything you need to know to improve your road cycling skills, confidence and fitness. This comprehensive and easy-to-follow book will take your riding to another level. Whether you are buying your first road bike, perfecting your riding technique or entering your first … Continue reading Competition time -Total Road Cycling