#2015bestnine – the BrittLoveBike edition

2015 has been an absolute corker of a year for cycling. Here’s my year in numbers: 1,757 miles 276 rides 1 shoe lost under a bus 50,833 feet of elevation 56 cereal bars and flapjacks 1 absolutely unbelievably loud and fantastic cheer squad at the Ride London 155 hours and 7 minutes in the saddle … Continue reading #2015bestnine – the BrittLoveBike edition


What situation isn’t made better by neon Lycra?

This morning on the Today show on Radio 4, Jeremy Corbyn joked that he was "thinking maybe [he] should just cycle in one day in [his] Lycra, go into Parliament in the chamber with [his] Lycra." These comments rang rather true to me, and got me thinking. My long suffering friends are very used to … Continue reading What situation isn’t made better by neon Lycra?