A cyclist running the London Marathon? Getta outta town…

Its official folks. I’ve actually lost it this time – I’ve done something mad. Utterly mad!

In just over a months’ time I’ll be lacing up my trainers and running the London Marathon. Say whaaaaaaaat.

And let me tell you, running is quite a departure from cycling. Geoffrey the Trek racer has, sadly, taken up residence under the stairs. Last time I opened the cupboard door to get the hoover out I felt a sharp pang of guilt. I think he’s got a spider web dangling on him.

I’ve been in training since December, and have gone from not being able to run for the bus to being able to run 20 miles in just over 4 hours. It’s been a bit of a soul searching few months, filled with self-doubt, aches, pains, headaches, blisters in places I never thought you could get blisters, and crazy leggings.

So why have I traded in my beautiful bike for a pair of trainers? I’m running to raise money for The Migraine Trust, because this year marks 10 years since I had my first migraine, and I’ve been living with them ever since. I’ve had ten years of doctors’ appointments, consultant appointments, drugs, pain killers, beta blockers, physio, anti-depressants… and no one is any closer to a cure. I’ll never find a cure for my migraines, and it’s about time that changes.

Marathon outfit. Most important. 

I’ve had migraines on two separate hen dos, at a friend’s wedding, on a 50 mile cycle, at work, on the tube, on the first date with The Boyfriend, on my mum’s birthday, in a lecture, on a 50 hour bus journey to the Alps, on a ski trip, on a plane, in a Turkish resort, on a night out, at my own house warming party, running a 10k race, at my own birthday party…

Migraine is woefully underfunded. There is no cure, and let me tell you, there are millions of people who are worse off than me. I’m taking on this challenge to raise money for a wonderful charity that exists to try and find a cure, and support people like me along the way.

So running 26 miles is really the least I can do.

I’ll blog a bit more about my adventure – and if you’d like to make my day and sponsor me in the meantime, you can visit my Justgiving page.


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