2017: The year of BrittLoveRun?

Towards the end of last year, I decided to take a brief hiatus from both cycling and blogging. I didn’t make a great fuss about it and simply drifted off and left BRITTLOVEBIKE unattended and neglected.

After a few nasty misses on the roads of London, I really feel out love love with cycling once again. This is not the first time this has happened.

Even on my longer rides, I just wasn’t feeling it. That is, unless I took my bike literally elsewhere in the country. I did some fantastic rides around my home in Lincolnshire, and also cycled up some rather serious 30 per cent inclines in Whitby! When I was free of London I felt so in touch with my love for cycling – almost at one with by bike, Gordon, again. But as soon as I set tyre on the London roads, I lost my mojo.

I won’t go into specifics (no one is interested in the van driver who beeped and hung out his window to ask me to ‘move over love so I can get past you’, or the taxi driver who nearly knocked me off, or the pedestrian that stepped out in front of my bike leaving me shaken and nervous. Whoops.), but after a bit of a break and some well needed time out of the saddle, BRITTLOVEBIKE IS BACK.

And not only on the bike. I’ve made the rather unwise choice of running the London marathon. Eep. So BRITTLOVEBIKE may briefly transform seamlessly into BRITTLOVERUN from time to time.

I’m planning to restart my cycle commute next week. I’m finally mentally ready to get back on Geoffrey (the hybrid commuter bike) and get myself back in the saddle.

Also, once running has finished consuming my life, I’ll be looking for some summer sportives to take part in – any recommendations?

So I’m raising a glass to to 2017, and fully embracing the LOVE in BRITTLOVEBIKE.



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