Free Triathlon Guide from Sundried

Even just thinking about taking on a triathlon is a daunting, let alone actually taking the plunge and signing up for one and actually doing the bloody thing. I should know, I've been threatening to do one for the past three years. But where to start? Three sports. One race. A hell of a lot … Continue reading Free Triathlon Guide from Sundried


The London Mayor conundrum – Sadiq Khan’s manefesto

Thursday 5 May is an important day for Londoners. It marks the end of the Boris era, and the chance to elect a new Mayor. As a cyclist who commutes almost every day, improving cycling is firmly at the top of my agenda and a main motivation for voting. I can't help notice that Sadiq Khan … Continue reading The London Mayor conundrum – Sadiq Khan’s manefesto

Cycling into the unknown: Romford

Last weekend I did a Very Brave Thing. I set off cycling without planning a route, with only a destination in my mind: Romford. Now, some of you may argue that this was foolish. Not planning a route?! But what if I had ended up on a motorway? What if I had got lost? What … Continue reading Cycling into the unknown: Romford