Why I fell out of love with cycling to work

I have a confession. I’ve fallen out of love with riding my bike to work.

I know, this will come as a shock to a lot of BrittLoveBike readers, friends, family and in particular The Boyfriend. For two years now I’ve been a staunch advocate of cycle commuting. I’ve cycled in wind, hail, thunder, monsoon, sun, mist, and air pollution. I’ve donned my neon jacket over 600 times. I’ve walked two miles home when I’ve had a puncture and forgotten to bring a spare inner. I’ve embarrassed my friends more times than I can remember showing up to a social engagement with my flashing helmet (oi oi).

But it’s over. I’m done.

Well. For a week, at least.

For the last month I have noticed a sever increase in knobheads on the road. I don’t want to turn this into a lamenting ranty post any more than it needs to be, but here are just a few examples of encounters I’ve had over purely the last month:

  • A motorbike speed up to a bunch of cyclists at a red traffic light, shout ‘You fucking donkeys get out the way!’ before overtaking, running said red light and speeding away
  • A zombie pedestrian step out onto a bike path, and look annoyed at me when I shout a warning
  • A lorry beebing me for daring to cycle in the correct lane
  • A car beep me for refusing to cycle in the gutter by stationary buses, and then under take me before running a red light
  • Almost being run over by a deliveroo driver on a bike
  • Drivers (multiple) overtaking me when I’m signalling that I’m turning right
  • A frightfully close call of a woman pulling out of a junction, not even noticing when I shouted to her that she almost hit me

I also feel that my lungs need a rest. My commute takes me through central kings cross, and I’ll tell you this: A face full of warm pollution first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon is utterly vile.

So for now, I’m taking a break from cycling to and from work, and I’m going to walk or catch the bus instead. I’m hoping that a week holiday from Geoffrey (the hybrid commuter) will make me realise how much I miss cycling. I’m hoping that I will get back on the bike – after all, it’s such a shame after putting up cycling all through the winter.

I shall report back in a week.


5 thoughts on “Why I fell out of love with cycling to work

  1. I’m sure you’ll be back on the bike! 🙂 Over the past week I’ve noticed an increase in the number of cars and hence traffic on the roads, this leads to an increased number of knobs who are increasingly frustrated by being stuck in the increased levels of traffic so increasingly take that out on cyclists… You get the picture… I’ve got a week off work so will enjoy cycling for fun rather than just to get to/from work!


      1. That’s the dream – I think I’m going to be doing something similar, focusing on trying to get out of London and get the miles in, rather than just sticking to the 3 miles between Camden and Kings Cross!


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