The London Bike Show: a roundup

Last weekend I was in bike geek heaven. I spent the afternoon at the London Bike Show. I’m not going to bore you with all the gory, geeky, details. But here’s a round up of a few of my favourite things that a saw there:

Honey Stinger

My Dad is a beekeeper. I bloody love honey. Honey Stinger is an all natural organic range of energy and recovery products, and they were so tasty. I’m quite fed up of pumping myself full of E numbers and chemicals every time I get on the bike, and products like this are such a good alternative. My Dad makes his own honey energy drinks for long rides, and he’s definitely on to something.

Boxer Cycles


Just look at this. So stylish. I wonder if purchasing something like this could be the way to get The Boyfriend into cycling…….



I think this could be a real game changer when it comes to urban cycling and commuting by bike. This back pack has a detachable part which has light up arrows showing cars and other vehicles behind you which way you are turning. You control the lights by a neat little handle bar attachment.

Cycling in London can be dangerous; in 2015 nine people died on London roads, and the majority of these were women. If a gadget like this was adopted by the majority of London cyclists it could really change the way we commute in London. I liked the slimline design, and I think that it would be relatively easy to get into the habit of using the controller. I wouldn’t rely on this solely to indicate, but it would be a useful addition.

Skratch Labs


Skratch is an organic all natural energy powder. Like many cyclists I often find that I get headaches after a long ride making me feel like crap…. quite counter productive, right?  Since purchasing a packet I’ve been quietly impressed (FYI this also is a cracking hangover cure). Companies like this are really trying to change the way we train, and I for one am on board. I’m planning on reviewing this properly in an upcoming post – so watch this space.

Brainy Bike Lights


Another near little gadget that increases invisibility for cyclists. There’s a range, but this one clips on the back of your helmet and let’s vehicles behind you know that you’re a bike. Some helmets already have this feature built in (mine did but the battery ran out rather quickly), but what’s not to love?

Guide Dogs

Oh hai.

Bit of a curve ball. I certainly wasn’t expecting to spend 15 minutes of my day cuddling Roman the guide dog at a cycling and outdoor show. How cute. Find out more information about taking part in RideLondon for the Guide Dogs here.

So will I be heading back next year? Most definitely.
*Disclaimer: I was provided with a ticket to The London Bike Show, powered by Telegraph Events.  For more information visit *


4 thoughts on “The London Bike Show: a roundup

  1. I had a good time at the show too (Thursday). I’m a bit spoiled being surrounded by bike kit and tech most of the day at work so for me it wasn’t amazing, but still a good day out. Nothing really new but I enjoyed tasting all the different flavours of energy bars that were on offer.

    I wanted to take that red Boxer electric bullet cargo bike for a blast around the test track but I ran out of time, how cool was it? Pretty pricey though.


    1. I loved the Boxer Cycle – could never afford it, but I can dream! I think I enjoyed all the organic energy drinks the most – I’ve never really come across them before, so it was pretty eye opening for me!

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