What situation isn’t made better by neon Lycra?

This morning on the Today show on Radio 4, Jeremy Corbyn joked that he was “thinking maybe [he] should just cycle in one day in [his] Lycra, go into Parliament in the chamber with [his] Lycra.”

These comments rang rather true to me, and got me thinking. My long suffering friends are very used to me turning up at a variety of social engagements wearing full Lycra, rocking a neon cycling jacket or still wearing my cycling helmet. I’ve been to the theatre in full Lycra before, to an ex boss’ leaving do and even to work meetings, where I’ve had to frantically get changed in the loos before exchanging my cycling helmet for my work hat.

Once, arriving for dinner with my friend she exclaimed, between the laughter, ‘Mate, I cannot be seen with you in what you’re wearing’.

I’ve even been known to don my yellow neon cycling jumper in the office when it’s been rather chilly.

But what’s so wrong with neon? Yes, I’ll admit that it might be a bit much when I turn up with flashing head torch as well, but I like to think of it as a throwback to the work out fashion of the 80s, or even the 90s rave culture.

“Safety first”, that’s my motto. If I’m dashing down to the shops in the middle of the day, then I’d have no problem in just jumping on my bike in my normal attire. However, if I’m cycling anywhere around dusk or in the evening, then it is head to toe neon and flashing head torch for me.

I’d love to see Jeremy rock up and lead a debate in full cycling gear. Perhaps it would make Mr Cameron sit up and put cycling firmly on the political agenda. Or perhaps Jeremy would be met with the same looks of resignation, eye rolling and laughter that I am. Only one way to find out!


2 thoughts on “What situation isn’t made better by neon Lycra?

  1. Haha, this is a great post. I am getting more and more comfortable wearing my cycling clothes off the bike, in the beginning I would change my shoes just to walk into a store. Now I stomp around like a horse and smile when people stare at my feet.


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