Review: Aldi Ladies’ Cycling Rain Jacket

Firstly, lets get something clear from the start. I loved this jacket. Love, love, loved.

I’ve long been a fan of Aldi cycling gear. I mean, who doesn’t love going to do their food shop and being able to pick up thermals, sports socks and a pair of bib shorts at the same time?


The ladies’ cycling rain jacket is breathable, with full front zip and storm flap with Velcro closures and top/bottom press studs, chest and back zipped pockets, side zip vents and back vent.

I tested it out for the first time during a particularly rainy commute. I usually wear a bright neon Muddy Fox monstrosity on my commutes, which is essentially the same as being wrapped in a layer of cling film. This jacket is both breathable and has VENTS. I was delighted. This meant that when I finally got to the office after a bit of an arduous journey, I was feeling rather refreshed and cool, rather than as if I was boiling alive in a bag of my own juices.

The jacket stood up to the rain spectacularly, keeping me warm and most importantly dry, and the reflective detail on the sleeves and the back of the jackets adds an element of safety. Usually I’d opt for a bright or neon jacket – safety first kids – so if I knew that I would be cycling home after dark then I would probably opt for the aforementioned neon monstrosity.

I particularly liked the fleece lined neck. It turned out to be a cold morning on the bike, and the extra coat 4
warmth that this provided was very welcome. I feel that this is a really under rated feature, as it saves you from having to bulk up with a scarf or snood. The jacket is roomy, so there’s plenty of space to layer up on a cold day, and the vents double up as massive side pockets. Win.

Now lets get to the price. Aldi have this jacket on sale for just £19.99, so you just can’t go wrong. Even if this jacket only lasts for one season of commuting (which from the feel of it, I’d expect it to last much longer) then I’d be a happy peddler.

The full range will be in store on Thursday 24 September. I’ll be posting about other products that I’ve tried in the range over the next few weeks.

Trying out my model pose....
Trying out my Blue Steel….

*DISCLAIMER I was sent the new Aldi cycling range to review*


3 thoughts on “Review: Aldi Ladies’ Cycling Rain Jacket

      1. Got myself a pair of the trousers and surprisingly, they fit me! I’ve literally just tried them on, just to see and I didn’t want to take them off. They’re so toasty 😊


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