The original BRITT LOVE BIKE

I recently spent the afternoon at my Grandma’s house unearthing old photographs. Amidst the weddings, christening a, family holidays and trips to the seaside, we came across this absolute gem:

Two baby faces.
Two baby faces.

Taken around 1990, here are my Dad and I on one of our first ever bike rides together. This photograph bought so many memories tumbling back. I’m about 2 in this photograph, and I can really vividly remember sitting on that old velvet yellow cushion screamingat Dad to ‘go faster! Faster!’. Safety fans, don’t worry. We only used to go up and down the road on the bike, never on any busy roads and we most certainly never met another car.

But this photo made me think about lots of other bike related things. Like learning to ride my first proper bike (a second hand bright green mountain bike that we got from the shop with a tandem hooked up in the window, which is still there!). I remember the day we chose that bike, and I was so thrilled with it. Despite the fact it was a boys bike. I can’t remember much about learning to ride that bike, however I’m told that I took to it fairly quickly, and quickly bossed Mum to take the stabilisers off – and off I peddled. I do remember the stage of only having one stabiliser, and being very confused that the bike had fallen over when I had abandoned it to go for a drink of water. Logic was never my strong point.

My next bike was a hand me down from my uncle, and oh what a glorious bike. A proper 1980s BMX. I adored it and rode it for years until I really couldn’t fit on it any more and my knees dragged along the ground.

From there, my next bike that I would call ‘mine’ was the hybrid I got for Christmas 2013, from my Dad. I’d signed us both up to Ride100 before promptly realising that I didn’t have a bike…. I christened him Geoffrey, and together we rode 1,800 miles in a year. I still ride him to work, but now I take out the sexy road bike (Gordon) for bigger rides and sportive. Sorry Geoffrey, but you just don’t cut it any more.

I owe a lot to Dad, he’s the one that got me into cycling 18 months ago, and from finding this photo it reminded me that he was the one to give me my first taste of speed, feeling the wind through my hair and peddling faster. I thought I’d fallen in love with bike recently, but clearly, BRITT LOVE BIKE started a long, long time ago.


2 thoughts on “The original BRITT LOVE BIKE

  1. Could you put some more photos in of ALL your loyal supporters for the ride 100 2015….we travelled a long long way… Wore blue hair ALL day and screamed so much we lost our voices…. We also had the biggest flag in the whole wide world with us…..WHERE ARE OUR PHOTOS!!!!!


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