I had loved bike for a long time before BRITT LOVE BIKE was born.

I’d been training hard all summer. It was two days before I was about to take on the most grueling, physical challenge of my entire life, and it all started with a rather ambitious demand of The New Boyfriend. We’d only be ‘officially going out’ three days when I asked him very straight faced if he was going to watch me at the Ride100 and if he would wear a t-shirt with my name on. He laughed it off, and luckily didn’t dump me for showing signs of the crazy.

The first thing I saw when I cycled up to the cheer point at mile 98 where my friends, family and The Boyfriend were all stationed, was a t-shirt emblazoned with the words BRITT LOVE BIKE. He’d not only actually turned up with a t-shirt with my name on, but had also dragged his little brother along waving a flag and his friend with a massive sign. It was undoubtedly one of the best moments of my life – made better when my mum almost knocked my off my bike with a massive hug.

And so BRITT LOVE BIKE was born, and it’s stuck with me ever since. I now live with The Boyfriend, and the photo that was taken that day is proudly in our living room. I’ve a feeling that saying will stay with me the rest of my life, and I’m very glad it’s stuck.

The Boyfriend The finishing line


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